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411 NW Flanders St.
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Museum hours:
Fridays-Sundays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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Adult $8, Senior $6, Student $5, Children 11 & under Free


Donate today to preserve Japanese American history and culture and help us educate the public about Nikkei history!


There are many ways to support the programs and activities of the Japanese American Museum of Oregon (formerly known as Oregon Nikkei Endowment): cash, stock, in-kind gifts, planned giving, and more. Click on a link to the right to find out more information. Thank you for your interest in becoming a financial supporter of the Japanese American Museum of Oregon.

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Capital Campaign

Our capital campaign, Lighting the Legacy, raising funds for the acquisition and extensive remodeling of our new space and new permanent exhibit, has now concluded. Learn more on our Lighting the Legacy page.


Your contribution will help us continue our mission to educate the public about the Nikkei experience and to preseve the history and culture of Japanese Americans of the Pacific Northwest. Our donors are vital to our activities, which include providing speakers for classroom presentations on the Japanese American experience during World War II, developing and presenting public exhibits at our museum, and collecting and preserving historical artifacts and photos.

To make an online donation or recurring donations via Click & Pledge, please use the Donate Now button below:

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Cash Gift

Cash (usually in the form of a check) is the most common form of charitable gift the Japanese American Museum of Oregon receives. Depending on your tax bracket, all or part of your donation can lower your federal income tax when you itemize deductions. Online donations are accepted. Please send all contributions to Japanese American Museum of Oregon to 411 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97209.

In-kind Donation

There are many ways to contribute to the Japanese American Museum of Oregon. Making cash donations or contributing to the permanent collections are important and much appreciated. If you have any extra office supplies or other equipment, please consider donating your items:

Wish List

  • white and color copy paper
  • USB flash drives
  • CFL or LED bulbs (60 watt equivalent)
  • rechargable AA and AAA batteries
  • postage stamps
  • restroom supplies (handsoap refills, multi-fold paper towels, toilet tissue, etc.)
  • Sharpies


Over the years many of us have enjoyed significant gains in the stock market. If you own stock, bonds, or mutual funds that have appreciated in value, you have a unique opportunity to realize tax savings not once, but twice, by making an outright gift to the Japanese American Museum of Oregon. How is this possible?

First, you can earn a federal income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities (check with your financial advisor for the most up-to-date information). Second, you can avoid taxes on capital gains that you'd have to pay if you sold the securities and donated the proceeds.

Say, for example, you own $20,000 worth of stock that you purchased three years ago for $5,000. You've committed yourself to making a sizable gift to the Japanese American Museum of Oregon. Your accountant shows you two alternatives for making this gift.


Give Stock

Sell Stock and Give Cash

Gift Value



Ordinary Income Tax Savings
(31% bracket)



Capital Gains Tax
(20% bracket)

$3,000 saved

$3,000 paid

Net Tax Savings




If you sold the stock and gave the proceeds to the Japanese American Museum of Oregon, you would have to pay a capital gains tax on $15,000. By donating the stock directly to the Japanese American Museum of Oregon, however, you could completely avoid all capital gains tax and realize a larger net tax savings.

For more information on donating stock to the Japanese American Museum of Oregon, contact Aaron Sanstrum at:

Sanstrum Associates, Inc.
320 N Main Ave, Ste 208
Gresham, OR  97030

(503) 241-7430
Fax: (503) 241-2746

Lighting the Legacy Capital Campaign

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The Legacy Center has a wealth of resources documenting Japanese American history and culture, housing original manuscripts, government documents and publications, as well as historical and contemporary artifacts and photographs.

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